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We understand that the process of choosing a therapist can be overwhelming. By getting to know a little about us here, making your decision might be a bit easier.

To make sure we might be a good fit, we offer a free consultation session.

Just click the button under the Bio of the therapist that interests you, and you'll be contacted soon. 


Karla Karpowicz MA, LCAT, BC-DMT, RYT

Owner & Director

Licensed Creative Arts Therapist

Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

Registered Yoga Teacher

Master Reiki Practitioner/Teacher & Crystal Practitioner

Welcome, my name is Karla and I am the founder of Integrating the Self LCAT, PLLC. Here, I offer a creative approach to traditional talk therapy through integrating the mind/body connection within the counseling process. I help individuals who are having difficulty dealing with emotions and stressors related to grief/loss, life transitions, relationship struggles, anxiety, loss of self, and everyday challenges move forward and build a stronger sense of self.  


I know firsthand the effects of the mind on the body, and the body on the mind. So completing a dual masters degree in Dance/Movement Therapy AND Counseling was the perfect way to help others heal through the mind/body I did.  This inner understanding coupled with my extensive experience and further study helps and informs my holistic practice. I truly believe that healing, change, and growth come from learning, working with, and integrating all the parts of ourselves. 


My other therapists and I take a person-centered approach, acknowledging the uniqueness in each client and tailoring interventions to the individual...putting emphasis on building a strong therapeutic relationship through connection. When working with us, you will be supported and deeply listened to in a non-judgmental atmosphere. We can help you experience a decrease in stress, anxiety, loneliness and isolation; and increase awareness of your strengths and how to use them. 



Natalie Gmora-Nyman  MA, LCAT, RDT, CCTP-I


Licensed Creative Arts Therapist

Registered Drama Therapist

Level 1 Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 

Welcome, I'm Natalie. I have been practicing Creative Arts Therapy as a Licensed NYS Therapist since 2015, and became a Registered Drama Therapist in 2017.  I pursued this path after studying Theatre and Psychology, ultimately earning my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology within a Drama Therapy Program. 


I have worked with clients in a variety of clinical and educational settings, and these environments provided valuable experience in serving all populations and needs. I have found that working as a therapist is really my greatest honor. I very much enjoy witnessing how creativity and connection can transform pain into empowerment. 

Working with me, you will experience a collaborative approach that will allow you to not only see actual results of your efforts, but to enjoy the process as well; enhancing your strengths and improving your relationship to yourself. 

In addition to seeing both adults and teens in individuals and couples sessions, I have two current group offerings for survivors of sexual trauma. Click the button below so we can connect.

JM - headshot.jpg

Jacqueline McNally MS, LCAT, R-DMT


Licensed Creative Arts Therapist

Registered Dance/Movement Therapist

Welcome, I'm Jacque. I am a licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Registered Dance/Movement Therapist living in New York City. I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2020 with a Master of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy. 


I consider my approach person-centered and humanistic, recognizing the unique challenges and strengths each person brings with them to therapy. I believe meeting an individual where they are and focusing on the whole individual assists in maximizing healing and recovery. My experience has included working with individuals of all ages navigating stress, anxiety, anger, depression, trauma, relationship and familial difficulties, bipolar disorder, PTSD, self-esteem issues and body image concerns. 


In January of 2020, I spent 10 days in Rwanda, Africa where I used dance/movement therapy with over 125 survivors of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. 

In addition to working with the above populations, I am very passionate about working with women with reproductive and fertility concerns. Whether you have experienced pregnancy loss, struggle with infertility, or are adjusting to a changing body and evolving identity through a healthy pregnancy, I am eager to work with you.


I will create a supportive environment and collaborate with you to facilitate the change and growth you desire. Together, we will explore new ways to stabilize your mental and physical well-being. I look forward to working with you.


Gabriela Latimer MPS, LCAT 


Licensed Creative Arts Therapist

Art Therapist

Welcome, I'm Gabi! I believe that everyone can benefit from therapy in their own way. Whether your goals are for internal exploration, creating and maintaining healthy relationships, or learning coping skills to manage life stressors, therapy can be a powerful tool for growth, healing, empowerment, and mental wellness.

As a creative arts therapist, I believe in the power of the creative process. Many of us can relate to the experience of connecting to a work of art, whether it be a painting, song, or film. When working with an art therapist, you have the opportunity to experience the entire process of the creation of art, holistically engaging your mind, body, and spirit.

Finding a therapeutic relationship where you feel safe to show up as your authentic self is one of the most important factors here, which is why I would love the chance to meet for a free consultation to see if we will be a good fit. You are deserving of the opportunity to better understand your inner world and unlock your full potential.

Emily-5305.jpg LIKE.jpg

Emily Moreno MS, LCAT-lp, R-DMT 


Associate Creative Arts Therapist

Registered Dance/Movement Therapist

Hi, I'm Emily. I am passionate about self empowerment. Using the knowledge we already carry about ourselves, we can begin the process of curious exploration. We can find ourselves in cycles and patterns; they are often a part of what makes us feel seen and heard, perhaps even comfortable. 


Therapy can be the bridge between recognizing these patterns, the needs they come from, and how to shift them to serve us better. As a mind/body oriented therapist, I know that our needs manifest within and are often expressed through our physical self.


I will hold space for creative expression and exploration of your whole self. Our goals will be inspired by your needs and will empower you to shift from cycles and patterns that no longer serve you, to ones that benefit you and the life you want to live.


Reach out for a free consultation, let's see if we are a fit.

image0 (1).jpeg

Jackie O'Halloran MFA, MA, LCAT-lp 


Associate Creative Arts Therapist

Art Therapist

Welcome, I'm Jackie. I firmly believe that partnering with a therapist in search of healing and meaning is a creative process; and Creative Arts Therapists can illuminate the path towards self-understanding and integration. 

I have an MA in Creative Arts Therapy and Counseling from Hofstra University, and an
MFA in Printmaking from The Art Institute of Chicago. I worked for a decade as a
professional Studio Art Assistant. 

In addition to my education, training and experience, my expertise in this realm has
been informed and sharpened by being a mother to two wonderful sons: one
neurodiverse, one neurotypical.

Let's see if we are a good fit. Reach out to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.


Dru Davis


Intake Coordinator

I'm Dru, and I'm excited to meet you! I've always had a passion for helping others, and my experience and education have given me the skills to do so.


I am so interested in the process by which we come into our own as individuals; and I love reading books on kemetic philosophy (the study of ancient Egyptian texts), Hermes Trismegistus (the Greek god of communication), and Carl Jung (the Swiss physician). My studies of these texts have fueled my passion for helping others find their true selves through therapy sessions and other forms of support.


I'm excited to meet each and every individual coming to Integrating the Self. I look forward to connecting with you and learning how we can work together to achieve your goals.

Still Unsure? That's ok!

Our Client Experience Specialists can match you with a therapist. 

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