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You're In Good Hands

Guiding You On the Path of Self-Healing

Integrative Psychotherapy

At Integrating the Self, we implement effective and creative psychotherapy methods to instill self-understanding among clients and encourage them to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations...ultimately bringing about healing, change, and growth.


Since opening the doors in 2014, we have provided clients in the greater Hudson Valley area a wide range of wellness services, including psychotherapy, wellness workshops, reiki, and more.  With an office centrally located in Newburgh, walk and talk therapy on the rail trail in New Paltz, and another location coming to the capital district in the Fall of 2022, there are several options to meet in person. If you are not located in the Hudson Valley or would rather virtual session, you can still experience what we have to offer. As of April 2020, we've gone virtual with telehealth, so we can now serve all of New York state as well.  


No circumstance is too small to receive support - our services are personalized to suit each individual's needs. 

Image by Shane Rounce
Image by Sharon Pittaway

The Role of Creativity

Integrating the Self is a mental health and wellness practice that uses creative arts therapy within the counseling process. Our therapists are board certified and/or registered as Art Therapists, Dance/Movement Therapists, Drama Therapists, and Music Therapists. No experience in the arts is necessary as our services are tailored to the clients' specific needs with an emphasis on the process not the product. So while painting and doing the cha-cha might not be happening within the session (although it is there if you need it!), our therapists will absolutely integrate your inner creativity and self expression within the session. Whether this means acknowledging the different hats you wear in your life through role play, noticing the way that your body reacts to stress and finding movement to release it, or even using song lyrics when your own words aren't feeling quite right, your therapist will help you use your whole self to bring about awareness, understanding, and growth.


In addition to mental health services, we also offer integrative wellness workshops and aligned practices such as reiki, crystal healing, and therapeutic yoga. These can help support the process of therapy by offering other tools to use outside of sessions.

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