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Add a little energy

to your self care routine

Reiki is a form of complementary and alternative medicine, and it can work to help heal and neutralize experiences within us that are getting in our way, releasing the blockages in our energy.

It is a meditative process and can promote relaxation, stress reduction, and a positive mental state - all through the gentle hovering hands of the practitioner. 

Integrating the Self Director, Karla, is trained in Usui Reiki, or white light reiki, and is a Reiki Master. Now that COVID protocols have shifted, she is once again taking in-person reiki clients and will be offering the upcoming trainings at the Newburgh location.  

Dominique is also trained in Reiki and is taking online clients as well. Yes, because energy transmutes time and space, she can conduct a reiki session online with just the same benefits via distance. 

Reiki Level 1: Self Healing

In this level, candidates will learn the art and practice of connecting to energy to use it for self healing. 

  • Saturday August 21, 2021 --              10am-2:30pm

  • 369 Fullerton Ave, 2nd Fl, Newburgh, NY 12550

  • $350 includes all materials, mini reiki session, chakra nourishing communal meal, attunement ceremony, and ongoing personal reiki master support

*Please remember that reiki is a complementary practice and should not be utilized instead of medical attention. 


Lunch Break Yoga - Wed May 26, 2021 @ noon ET

FREE in honor of Mental Health Providers and Mental Health Awareness

Come join Integrating the Self Art Therapist and Yoga Instructor, Jennifer Della Valle as she leads you through a FREE moment of self care. 

This 30 minute ZOOM yoga class was created in honor of mental health providers and the knowledge that, for many, lunch breaks often aren't breaks at all. We hope to help you find some peace and self compassion as you are led through an art therapy inspired yoga class. 

No mat required, this class can be done within the space around a desk. 

Sign up here 

Mudra Meditation

Lunch Break Yoga